Silver Anklets

Tips - Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Anklets

Whether you are opting to wear silver anklets to make a fashion statement or to simply please your loved ones who bought it for you, knowing the health benefits of the silver anklets will double your enthusiasm.

1. Maintain Positive Energy in the Body

Our hands and legs radiate energy throughout our lifetime. The body exchanges a huge amount of energy from the outside environment. When your legs are rooted to the ground, an exchange of energy takes place. Silver anklet is known to reradiate the flow of energy since it contains positive ions. When we wear silver anklets the positive charge in the body is maintained, as the surface of the metal releases positive ions. It re-vibrated the lost energy back to your body. Women who work barefoot at home must wear silver anklets. 


2. Reliefs Swollen feet & leg pain

People are very exhausted and sick of leg pain, possibly numbness, tingling, or weakness of the leg that gets introduced in the lower back that travels through the buttocks all the way down to the big sciatic nerve in the back leg. This pain must be carefully looked after as this is not just a normal pain happening due to normal physical work but a condition of Sciatica. The constant friction between the jewelry and your leg increases blood circulation, reducing swelling in the feet. If your bones are weak the swollen feet can cause pain which travels up to the buttocks. Wearing silver ankelts regularly based controls the pain in your legs.


3. Antibacterial Properties

Silver anklets is widely popular for its antibacterial properties as it is known for its purity and ability to clean. There is a huge value of silver in medicine as well. It dates back thousands of years when thousands of doctors and scientists have proven that Silver anklet is a potent antibacterial agent. Silver ions carry out their destructive activity by piercing holes in bacterial sheaths and wreaking destruction once they are inside. Also, a long time ago, sailors who go for long voyages usually mix rum and silver coins into the water for purifying it as both rum and silver act as a good disinfectant. The tingling sound of anklets is believed to eliminate negative energies from home while the antibacterial properties activate the lymph gland in the body which increases immunity against diseases.


4. Gynecological disorders

Silver has so many benefits that you must invest in this precious metal as it is one of the most valuable investments. Silver tends to keep you apart from a myriad of fitness and health issues such as hormonal imbalance, obesity, irregular menstrual cycles, etc. It has so many qualities to treat gynecological disorders. Women who are in the maternity period should wear silver leg jewelry and a silver anklet. It can reduce the chances of suffering from excessive pain.