Crystal Necklace

Tips - About the Color of Crystal Necklace

When choosing a crystal necklace suitable for us, we will find that there are not only the appearance of necklaces with various designs, but also many crystals of different colors to choose from. Let's tell you the meaning of crystal necklaces of different colors

White Crystal Necklace

The moral of white crystal is purity and harmony. The appearance of white crystal is very pure and transparent. Some white crystals with good quality can hardly see any impurities. Therefore, white crystal is often regarded as a symbol of pure love.


Purple Crystal Necklace

The implication of purple crystal is mysterious and elegant. The appearance of purple crystal is very charming and elegant, giving people a mysterious feeling. When female friends wear accessories made of purple crystal, they can add charming and elegant temperament to themselves.


Yellow Crystal Necklace

Yellow crystals are sunny, bright, optimistic, and all about expressing your truest self. They're great for bringing positive energy to any new endeavor and supporting us in being authentic. Yellow crystals are also helpful in strengthening our belief in our personal power, so work with them anytime you need a feel-good confidence boost.


Pink Crystal Necklace

The implication of pink crystal is young love. The color of pink crystal gives people a feeling of youth and romance. This color is loved by many adolescent women.


Green Crystal Necklace

Green Crystal generally refers to green ghost crystal, and the moral of green ghost crystal is also wealth, because the color of green ghost crystal is similar to that of US dollars, and wearing green crystal has the meaning of gathering wealth.


Blue Crystal Necklace

Like the ocean and the sky, blue crystals can be soothing and calming — but they're also extraordinarily powerful. Blue Crystal Necklaces Meanings represent clear communication and the honest expression of our ideas. They bring clarity and strength when it comes to speaking our truth and helps us stay cool, calm, and collected as we share what’s on our mind.


Black Crystal Necklace

Cool black with modern feeling is also called "leader stone" to show the charm of leaders. Efficacy: it can increase self-confidence, ward off evil spirits and improve luck. It can remove bad turbid Qi, absorb negative energy and pray for blessings. Therefore, it is also called "evil stone".


Red Crystal Necklace

Also known as "Venus crystal" and "red rabbit hair crystal", it is an expensive variety of crystal with extremely rare output. Meaning: it represents strong vitality, passion for life, happiness and lasting feelings. Efficacy: it has the function of calming the mind and calming the mind. It can avoid foul gas and unclean things close to the body and play the role of an amulet. Women wear it for a long time, which has cosmetic effect.