Cuban Link Chain

Tips - What is the cuban link chain and how long is it suitable for wearing?

There are several theories about the origin of the cuban link chain. One theory is that the cuban link chain can be traced back to the 14th century, when the people of West Africa had a rich history of wearing gold jewelry in order to highlight their wealth and status. Later, with the passage of time, it may have spread to the other side of the ocean with colonies and wars, which have no specific research materials for the time being

One is that it was not invented by Cuba. It first became popular in Miami, the birthplace of rap culture.

There is also a saying that the cuban link chain is a rapper named Felix Delgado Felix Delgado who wore fire in the og level in the 1970s. As long as he performed on the stage, he would wear this big gold chain and even engrave his own name. His stage name was "Cuban Link", so people later called this chain cuban link chain.

Although these statements are not very testable, people with a clear eye can see that the cuban link chain is inseparable from rap culture. Even now many people think that the cuban link chain belongs to hip-hop jewelry and is the exclusive necklace of rappers. Only they can digest such a flamboyant chain. This also starts with rappers wearing jewelry. After all, these men have long evolved wearing diamonds and pearls into a male fashion.

The cuban link chain was really popular in the 1980s and 1990s. This is also the golden age of the rapid development of American hip hop culture. Kurtis blow, the first successful rapper in business, shot the album cover with the image of several gold necklaces, which deeply affected the rappers at that time and later, and opened the history of rapper Dai Jinshi.

Rappers from the bottom, after their achievements, put on exaggerated and eye-catching gold chains as a symbol of their identity and wealth. Later, the gold necklaces around rappers' necks not only became thicker and thicker, but also became more diverse in style. In the 1990s, more valuable platinum began to replace gold as the choice of the new generation of rappers, and there were more patterns, diamond inlaid and all kinds of colored diamonds. With pearls, black and white are available.

Blacks also invented the special term blingbling to describe hip hop jewelry, which was even included in the English Dictionary and officially recognized.

From the simple, thick and heavy gold chain at the beginning to the platinum and diamond inlaid gold chain later, the cuban link chain has become an indispensable part of hip hop fashion. Moreover, more and more high-end luxury brands pay attention to the fashion shaping of the cuban link chain. For example, Virgil abloh, the most popular street fashion designer, released the first jewelry series of men's clothing after taking office at LV, integrating the classic monogram, color contrast and diamond inlay technology into the cuban link chain design representing hip-hop culture.

Even luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta, as well as fashion accessories brands such as ambush and 1017 alyx 9SM, have created exclusive cuban link chain accessories in recent years. The design is more bold and subversive. Coupled with the industrial simplicity of Guba chain itself, it shows more avant-garde, making the cuban link chain a unique jewelry that can be retro and fashionable.

Although the cuban link chain is a classic in hip hop culture, not all the gold chains worn by rapper are cuban link chains.

cuban link chain, the chain shape is a bit like twist, like twisted. The rings are connected layer by layer, and the gap between the links is relatively small and arranged densely. The buckle is thick, rough and strong, and looks very manly. The basic model is simple and versatile. Some link planes will also be decorated with precious jewelry, such as inlaid diamonds, with a stronger sense of detail and shape.

After the introduction of chain shape, we must be most concerned about how to wear it well. Low key men can wear one alone as a daily match. If you want to be more avant-garde, you can overlay and add layers.

However, it should be noted that because the cuban link chain is thick, the shape is thick, and the neck of boys is generally thick and short, it is not suitable to wear a particularly short cuban link chain. The length of the cuban link chain determines the circumference after wearing. The smaller the circumference, the tighter, and the larger the circumference, the looser. For daily wear, the length of 45-60cm is more suitable. Too short is a bit like adding a lock to a bicycle. It's too ugly. It's too long, like a girl's sweater chain, not enough for a man.