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You must know countless cuban link chain!


You must know countless cuban link chain!

From hip hop culture! Circle powder countless you must know!

I wonder if readers have found that in recent years, "Cuban necklace" has been increasing in the presence of major stars. From artists who usually wear various famous necklaces to friends who hardly care about clothing accessories, they wear the so-called "Cuban chain". So where did the Cuban Necklace come from? Who brings the heat of this item? Let's decrypt it for you below!

The rap group migos is definitely a big figure in the mainstream movement of cuban link chain

The Cuban Necklace originated from Miami in the 1970s and 1980s. It is similar to the concepts of baggy pants, reverse baseball cap and large clothes. It is a part of American hip-hop culture. cuban link chain are loved by rappers for their thicker body than ordinary necklaces. After all, rap music was not fully accepted by the mainstream media in those years, and rappers were not so rich economically, so they sprouted "since you want to buy a necklace, you can buy a bigger one, you can see it!" With this idea, cuban link chain have become their best choice.

In the past, most cuban link chain were gold, and their length and width were exaggerated

As hip-hop music has gradually entered the mainstream culture in recent years, the Cuban necklace, one of the representative accessories of hip-hop culture, has also increased a lot of traffic. When the new era rapper of migos, Travis Scott, lil Uzi vert, etc. wore a Cuban chain inlaid with precious metals such as diamonds, Cuban chain received unprecedented attention, and the foundation of this accessory in the fashion and pop culture circles has been laid ever since.

No matter how many necklaces can be replaced, Cuban chain has never been absent

Now we can see that JW Anderson, Martine rose, Dior, Louis Vuitton and other influential brands in the fashion industry have added Cuban chain elements to bracelets, necklaces, coats and even shoes! It seems that the Cuban necklace is only regarded as the most popular fashion accessory, or underestimate it!

J'ADIOR Bracelet

Louis Vuitton Cuban Necklace

JW Anderson Fall 2020 Menswear

Martine Rose Square Toe Loafers

When wearing the Cuban chain, first find the U-shaped metal ring on it and open the metal cover at the other end, then cover the metal ring at one end of the Cuban chain on the metal strip in the metal cover, and finally cover the metal cover tightly. Wearing a Cuban chain can give people a cool feeling. It will also be more personalized with a rope necklace or a long pearl necklace.

The wearing method of Cuban chain is relatively simple. First, find the U-shaped metal ring on the Cuban chain and open the metal cover at the other end. At this time, people will see a protruding metal strip in the metal cover, then cover the metal ring at one end of the Cuban chain on the metal strip, and finally gently cover and tighten the metal cover.

Wearing the Cuban chain around your neck will give you a cool feeling. If you wear the Cuban chain with some more fashionable accessories, it will show more fashionable beauty. For example, the Cuban chain and a relatively small rope necklace will look more mature and stable, but also lively and playful.