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What's the significance of pure silver bracelets?


What's the significance of pure silver bracelets?

What's the significance of pure silver bracelets and what are the advantages of wearing pure silver jewelry?

More and more girls are beginning to wear silver bracelets. Some people think it's too monotonous to wear one. Will choose to wear two or more bracelets in one hand. So what's the point of wearing a silver bracelet?
There is a saying that a single girl wearing a bracelet shows pure love, but also shows the desire for love at first sight. A happy little woman who is already in love wearing a bracelet shows that she is wholehearted and willing to spend a happy life with him.
Generally, boys and girls wearing two bracelets say that they are in love and enjoy the sweet love. Single girls wearing two bracelets also say that they are in a very happy mood at this time. They are very satisfied with their present life. They feel that they are the happiest people with the friendship of close friends and the care of their relatives, It also reveals the personality of contentment.
Of course, these are just some statements. Wearing a bracelet is based on one's own mind. It doesn't make much sense to wear it if you want to.
We all know that silver is the best metal to test poison. People's bodies emit some "toxins" every day. Pure silver jewelry can absorb these "toxins", which is also the reason why some people wear silver jewelry and turn black.

So what are the advantages of wearing pure silver jewelry?

Silver has excellent antibiotic and sterilization effect, the average of general antibiotics can only play a role in 6 kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria.
The oxidation resistance and luster persistence of silver jewelry are related to the individual's physique. The more people with good physique wear, the brighter they will be. If the physique is weak and there are more toxins in the body, silver jewelry may turn black soon. Therefore, regular wearing of pure silver jewelry can help the excretion of toxins in the body.
Silver as jewelry, beautiful fashion beautiful, the important thing is no side effects on the body. Silver can detect many toxins, can have chemical reactions, will change color, and can also react with other heavy metals to detect harmful substances to the body, so people with poor health silver jewelry will turn black. Of course, this has yet to be scientifically verified.

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