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What kinds of materials do cuban link chains have


What kinds of materials do cuban link chains have

A Cuban link chain can be made of different materials according to the needs of customers, that is, hip hop jewelry factory can use many kinds of materials for the same Cuban chain, mainly including the following:

Alloy: the Cuban chain made of alloy material. The drill on it is glued one by one with special jewelry glue, so the fastness is not very good. Moreover, the overall process is relatively rough, but the production cost is relatively low. It is a low-grade jewelry.

Copper: copper is a kind of environment-friendly material with strong plasticity. The ornaments produced are relatively exquisite, and the copper production process is completely different from that of alloy. The Cuban chain produced with copper is embedded with wax inlay process, which is relatively reliable, and the production cost is moderate. Therefore, the copper CUBAN CHAIN is the most common and popular Cuban chain in the market.

925 silver: the production process of 925 silver is exactly the same as that of copper, but the cost is relatively high. The silver cost of a Cuban chain needs hundreds of thousands of yuan. Of course, such a Cuban chain is very high-grade.

Stainless steel: stainless steel is the only material that can directly pass through vacuum plating in the furnace. The color retention effect is 5 ~ 10 times that of other materials. However, the production process and requirements of stainless steel are different. The Cuba chain produced cannot be embedded with drill, that is, the Cuba chain without drill.

Is the Cuban chain made of alloy high grade

Different manufacturers produce Cuban chains. Because the production process of the factory itself is different, they can only choose different materials. For example, factories that make copper and silver jewelry cannot produce Cuban chains made of stainless steel, while factories that make stainless steel jewelry cannot produce Cuban chains made of copper and silver.

Because of different production processes, Cuban chains of different materials will have different grades. Compared with the copper silver Cuban chain with diamond inlaying process, the Cuban chain made of alloy material adopts the stick drilling process, so the fastness of drilling is not very good. After wearing it for a period of time, it is easy to cause a large area of drilling loss.

Therefore, the Cuban chain made of alloy material is the lowest grade and cheapest of all Cuban chains with drilling.

At present, there are mainly four kinds of materials used: copper, silver, alloy and stainless steel. The Cuban chain made of stainless steel can adopt the vacuum electroplating process in the furnace, which is the material with the best color retention effect among all jewelry. However, due to the limitation of the process, it is generally hip-hop Cuban chain without drill.

Cuba chain, which copper material is better

The Cuban chain is made of alloy material, which is formed by reverse mold, and then the drilling process is adopted, that is, the water drill is bonded to the Cuban chain one by one with special glue, which is also a material and process with the lowest cost.

The Cuban chain is made of copper. The wax inlay process is adopted, that is, the zircon is inlaid on the wax bench one by one. When it is formed by sand, the zircon is already on the Cuban chain, so it is not easy to drop the drill. At present, the vast majority of textured and high-grade Cuban chains on the market are made of copper.

The production process of silver is exactly the same as that of copper, but silver is a precious metal. The grade must be much higher than that of copper, but the cost is also much higher. Therefore, only a few consumers are willing to buy the silver Cuban chain.

How much does a Cuban chain necklace weigh

Cuban chain is a kind of hip-hop jewelry. It has large, small, with drill and without drill. It has many styles. The large CUBAN CHAIN NECKLACE weighs more than 300 grams and the small one weighs more than 100 grams. Compared with fashion necklaces, Cuban chains are heavy.

When the Cuban chain necklace is just worn, it does have a sense of oppression, and after wearing it for half an hour, the neck will have a slight tingling feeling. At this time, it's best to take off the Cuban chain necklace and wear it again after a period of time. After repeated several times, it will gradually adapt to it. At this time, if you wear a fashion necklace again, you won't have the feeling of beauty.