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What does 925 mean on jewelry


What does 925 mean on jewelry

  • How to judge whether the jewelry is 925 sterling silver?

  • How to maintain 925 sterling silver jewelry



925 pure silver actually refers to the silver products with 92.5% silver content. 925 represents the purity of silver. This is the highest purity of silver, just like 999 gold. Because foot silver is too soft and easy to oxidize, 925 silver has been internationally recognized as pure silver since Tiffany founded 925 silver.

925 sterling silver is also known as "925 international standard silver". The newly unearthed silver has silver white metallic luster. It is easy to produce a layer of black oxide and lose the surface luster after long-term exposure to the air. This is the oxidation phenomenon of silver, but it can be cleaned. Pure silver itself has low hardness and soft texture. Due to strong chemical reaction, it is easy to darken and blacken, so it can not be made into jewelry in pure form. Instead, it is often mixed with other metals and castings. The standard content of silver is more than 92.5%, which is called international standard silver. Its hardness is better than pure silver. It can be processed into fine styles and is an anti allergy material, Those with sensitive skin can wear it safely.

How to judge whether the jewelry is 925 sterling silver?

Color discrimination method: silver jewelry with high fineness, which looks white, shiny and finely made with shop number printed on the jewelry; Those with poor color, poor color and lustre are mostly fake silver jewelry.

Bending method: gently fold silver jewelry by hand, which is easy to bend and not easy to break; Stiff, barely folding, low quality; Silver covered jewelry that will crack after bending or knocking with a hammer; Those that can't stand light folding and are easy to break are fake.

Throwing method: throw the silver jewelry on the table from top to bottom. The silver jewelry with low bounce and stable sound is of high quality; High, sharp and bright silver jewelry thrown on the table is fake or low quality.

Nitric acid identification method: drop nitric acid on the file of silver jewelry with a glass rod, which is Brown Beige and slightly green, with high color; The color of dark green and black is low.
Fear that 925 pure silver jewelry will turn black is the common psychology of most silver jewelry consumers, and manufacturers often make exaggerated commitments in order to strive for sales, such as "never fade, never change color" and other unrealistic commitments, resulting in consumers' lack of scientific understanding of silver jewelry, so they have too high expectations. When they find that they are inconsistent with their commitments in actual wearing, There will be a feeling of being cheated or cheated, resulting in the return and exchange of goods from the merchants. The merchants themselves will suffer the final loss, which will also affect the reputation of the merchants and lead to unsatisfactory sales. Therefore, in the sales process, consumers should be correctly guided to realize that "it is normal for 925 sterling silver jewelry to turn black, but if you pay attention to daily maintenance, it can make 925 sterling silver jewelry bright for a long time".


How to maintain 925 sterling silver jewelry

Cosmetics contain not only mercury, but also sulfur, which can turn silver into black silver sulfide. In addition, if the air contains sulfur, it will also oxidize and blacken silver. Those who live or work in chemical plants should pay attention, and they can't wear silver!

Ozone can also cause silver to blacken. For example, silver jewelry should not be placed in the negative ion generator and disinfection cabinet used in daily life.

Some eggs and poultry will produce hydrogen sulfide gas after deterioration. If the workers engaged in egg and poultry related operations are not suitable to wear it during working hours.

Tap water, washing powder and soap often contain bleaching powder, chloride ion and sulfur ion, which has a serious corrosive effect on silver, and the eroded silver loses its luster. Therefore, silver should not be worn for bathing.

Mercury (mercury) and silver will act, cause serious damage, and even form mercury paste. Therefore, be careful when using thermometer.

Silver is soluble in hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. If you are engaged in this work, you should pay attention.