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What do you know about the origin of the ring?


What do you know about the origin of the ring?

It is said that the ring represents the commitment and fetters of a lifetime. As a gift, you can't give it or receive it casually, which makes the ring very different from most jewelry categories - a symbol of loyalty, commitment and faith.
In other words, no matter what the material of the ring, wearing on the finger represents a kind of moral that can not be easily replaced. What is the way in this?

The origin of rings

According to archaeologists, rings are an ancient jewelry that can be traced back to 7000 years ago, and each ancient civilization has its own unique design.
So, what is the origin of the ring?

Noble Gift Theory

In ancient Egyptian civilization, the ring was a kind of jewelry that can only be worn by the Pharaoh and the aristocracy of the kingdom. It does not circulate in the market, but comes from the inheritance between families. It is a kind of valuable gift only in the upper class society. It was the ancient Egyptians who designed the earliest precious metal ring. Later, at the end of Egyptian civilization, the ring began to become popular, and influenced the early Greek civilization. It was used as a high-level gift to distinguish the identity of civilians and nobles under the city-state system.

Crown theory

With the expansion and unification of the Roman Greek Mediterranean civilization, the rings were designed more delicately by the Romans. Some people even think that the rings in the modern world of colored treasures are in the same line as those in the ancient Roman era. Some historians believe that in order to further demonstrate their power, the emperors of the Roman Empire should not only have a crown on their head, but also a "mini crown" in their hands, that is, a ring with the greatest luxury.

Theory of seals

In ancient India, as the Aryan white people moved in (before the Buddha became a monk, he was an Aryan noble prince), between the collision and conflict of civilizations, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and other jewelry began to appear, and were first used as a symbol of Brahman religious ceremony. In other words, the prosperity of India's jewelry culture today laid the foundation more than 2000 years ago, and the ring also includes it.
Doctrine of holy things
In the middle ages of Europe, the gorgeous rings are amazing. Among them, the French and Italian jewelry is the most valuable, and even considered to have the supernatural ability to protect the wearer. Behind it is the effective saying from the local belief system. In short, until six or seven hundred years ago, rings were still rare jewelry in Europe, which ordinary people could not find.
Oriental theory
According to historical records, during the Han Dynasty, with the Silk Road trade, rings and other gorgeous jewelry began to be introduced into the Central Plains, and with the precipitation of time, more and more in line with the cultural heritage and aesthetics of the Chinese nation. After thousands of years of national integration, the string control instrument of nomadic people was improved into a wrench in the Central Plains, and became a symbol of the status of Wang gongguiqi in the peak period of jewelry culture development in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.