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What are the types of necklaces?


What are the types of necklaces?

Necklace is an ornament that has existed since ancient times. After thousands of years of development and improvement, the necklace has formed its own unique decorative style. There are many kinds of necklaces. Different necklaces have different beauty and are sought after by many jewelry lovers. This article will introduce the types of necklaces in detail.

Gold and Silver Necklace

Gold and silver necklaces are the main varieties of necklaces. Now there are 24K, 18K and 14k common gold necklaces. There are 92% and 5% silver necklaces and gold-plated silver necklaces.
In terms of style, gold and silver necklaces mainly include the following:
1. Square wire chain: it is mostly machined into semi-finished products, and then processed by hand. It is characterized by thin diameter and is one of the best-selling varieties in the market.
2. Whip chain: it is mainly handmade and made into a 24K gold necklace. At the same time, it is often used as the material of fancy chain. It is characterized by being strong and strong.
3. Double chain and three chain: it is a necklace with complex processing technology, which is characterized by strong three-dimensional feeling, elegance and beauty.
4. Fancy chain: This is a new style developed in recent years. Its style changes very fast. It is composed of square wire chain and whip chain clip; It is also composed of rough chain body and changeable dotted broken flowers; Others are combined with jewelry, which looks pearly, gorgeous and noble.
5. Mechanism chain: it is machined and has patterns, streamline shapes, three-dimensional shapes and distinctive abstract patterns.

Jewelry Necklace

Compared with gold and silver necklace, its decorative effect is stronger and more colorful. Jewelry used as necklaces generally include diamonds, pearls, ivory, agate, coral, turquoise, etc.
Imitation gold necklace
Non metallic materials such as copper, zinc, aluminum and plastics are used. It has the characteristics of many styles, new shape and low price.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace is an ornament made of pearls, that is, the pearls are threaded together after drilling and worn between the items. Natural pearl necklace has a certain protective effect. There are two types of commercial products: one is natural pearls; One is cultured pearls, called "cultured pearls", which is formed after putting the particles or sand of Cassia into the clam shell for several years.

Crystal Necklace

As an ornament, crystal necklace has conquered the hearts of countless women with its transparent, dreamy and shining materials and effects.

Classification of crystal necklaces:
It is generally divided into Amethyst Necklace, Topaz Necklace, white crystal necklace, Topaz Necklace, olivine necklace, green crystal necklace, smoke crystal necklace, powder crystal necklace, black crystal necklace and natural crystal necklace.

There are many kinds of necklaces, each of which has its own advantages, of course, there are some disadvantages. If you want to buy a necklace, you must choose the one that suits you and you prefer. It doesn't mean that if you spend more money, it must be the best and most suitable for yourself.