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What are the benefits of crystal necklace


What are the benefits of crystal necklace

The crystal that people often mention is actually a crystalline gem with silica as its main component. It has been said before that crystals are the essence of the universe. It can bring good luck to the wearer, make the work wearer's career better and better, and at the same time, if students wear it, the students' academic performance will be better and better. It is also often said that "crystal can attract wealth and remove bad luck for yourself". So what are the benefits of crystal necklace?

Benefits of crystal necklace to human body:
Her crystal has many colors, including yellow, white, purple, gold, green and so on. The color of the crystal is very beautiful, crystal clear and pearly, so she can please the masses. Therefore, from the perspective of heart, crystal necklace can make people feel better. What's more, it can make people with irregular menstruation become regular after wearing it, and it will also make people who have nightmares for a long time calm and stable when sleeping. Therefore, crystal necklace is really good for human body.

Psychological benefits of wearing Crystal Necklace:
Crystal necklace is not only good for people's body, but also good for people's psychology. It is said that natural crystal has "piezoelectric effect". The magnetic field generated by crystal has a certain effect of refreshing and stabilizing emotions. Crystal can concentrate the energy of human body, so this method is also called "crystal therapy" by American researchers. In addition, the crystal contains a large number of trace elements, such as manganese, iron, steel and titanium, which are beneficial to the human body. In the process of its formation, it will be exposed to underground radiation and retain a small part of radioactive elements. These radioactive elements contain very little, so they will not do too much harm to the body, On the contrary, after long-term research, it was found that she would have the effect of radiation therapy.

I told you the benefits of so many crystal necklaces. I believe you also know the benefits of crystal necklaces. The styles of crystal necklaces are diverse, and each crystal necklace will have different classification and diversification. I also hope you can better and more scientifically choose crystal necklaces for your loved ones after listening to Xiaobian's explanation, Choose your own unique crystal necklace.

Related issues
Q: How to wear a crystal necklace without a buckle?
A: Just make two knots, which won't fall off, because the material of the rope and the metal part at the back are also guaranteed not to fall off. If you like, you can also make other lovely knots ~ as long as they are long enough.

Necklaces are essential items in girls' jewelry boxes. When it comes to girls' birthday, Valentine's day and other festivals, they always receive necklaces from boys, including crystal, silver, pearl and so on. So do you know why boys give girls necklaces? There are many meanings for boys to give girls necklaces. An ancient saying explains the origin of the custom of giving girls necklaces.
There are generally two explanations for the meaning of boys giving girls necklaces. First, it has the meaning of homophony. I give you a necklace because I want to fall in love with you. Another explanation of the meaning of giving a girl a necklace is to tie the other party. Giving a beloved necklace is to tie the other party's heart and not be robbed by others.

Today, a young man presents a necklace and bracelet to his fiancee. At this time, the meaning of a boy giving a girl a necklace is to tie her heart and keep her loyal to herself, which is very civilized and elegant. However, the origin of the custom of giving girls necklaces is not elegant. It is said that boys giving girls necklaces is the evolution of the custom of "snatching marriage".
Crystal necklace has more meaning, that is crystal pure love.

The meaning and origin of giving girls necklaces
It is said that the meaning of giving girls necklaces was originally to clarify the ownership. During the transition from matriarchal clan to paternal clan in primitive society, women began to retreat from the core position of the clan and become the vassal of men. In clan or tribal war, the winner takes the women of the other tribe as booty. In order to prevent them from escaping, they often use a chain or rope to tie their necks and hands. Later, it gradually evolved into the customs of some places, that is, when men and women officially married, they "robbed" the woman to the man, and put metal ornaments on the woman's neck or hand to show restraint, gradually forming the custom of boys giving girls necklaces.

Nowadays, marriage snatching has long been eliminated, but in order to prevent women from escaping, the chain has evolved into an ornament made of gold, silver and jewelry, and has become today's Necklace (collar) and bracelet (bracelet). There are similar stories in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, the meaning of a man giving a girl a necklace also means "bondage", which is why a famous novel by Maupassant is named "necklace".