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Tips - How can you tell if its real crystal?


Tips - How can you tell if its real crystal?

As we all know, crystal has a very high collection value in the past, but with the reduction of the difficulty of crystal mining, more and more crystals have been mined. The current crystal market is very poor and not as popular as before, but players who know about crystal know that crystal is actually a crystal of quartz, which is a relatively rare mineral, but, The crystallization of quartz will produce different color changes according to different structure and density, and the texture will also change, so the collection value of different types of crystals is different.

Moreover, because the crystal has a natural magnetic field and contains a variety of rich trace elements, which is beneficial to the human body. Therefore, although the current market situation of the crystal is not very good, the price is also unfavorable, which leads to that many counterfeiters have never stopped counterfeiting the crystal, which makes it easy for many players to buy fake crystals, So how to identify crystals? Let's learn together today.

If you identify crystals

In fact, compared with other gemstones and jade, the identification of crystal is not difficult. You only need to master the following four identification methods. It can be said that you can almost see the authenticity of crystal. Of course, it is not 100% accurate. However, if the crystal meets the following four points, the probability of being a fake is much lower.

1. Look at the texture
In everyone's impression, the crystal should be crystal clear and very bright. The more crystal clear it is, the more attractive it is to people. Therefore, fake crystals are generally very shiny and transparent, but the real natural crystal, although the gloss is very high, is not completely transparent. There are some small textures inside the crystal in the light, Or there are flocs, this is the real crystal, and the fake crystal is too perfect.

2. Touch temperature
Because of the crystal structure of the crystal, the thermal conductivity is not very strong, so the natural crystal, no matter how hot the weather is, will have a feeling of ice and cold. When buying the crystal, put the crystal in the most temperature sensitive part of the body to feel the temperature of the crystal. If it is ice and cold, and it will not feel warm for a while, Then it should be crystal, but whether it is natural crystal or cultured crystal, it should be identified by other methods.

3. Magnifying glass
Looking at the bubbles inside the crystal with a magnifying glass is also the most effective way to see whether the crystal is true or false. Magnify the crystal more than ten times and carefully observe the inside of the crystal. If you can see obvious bubbles, it must be fake crystal, because there are no bubbles inside the natural crystal. The reason why the fake crystal has bubbles is that it is stirred during the production process, Gas will enter, so there will be bubbles.

4. Test hardness
Although the crystal is like glass, it is very fragile. In fact, the hardness of natural crystal can reach 7 Mohs degrees. Therefore, the hardness is relatively high. If there are scratches on the surface of the crystal with a steel file, it is likely to be fake crystal. Although natural crystal will also be hurt, it generally will not leave too obvious traces.

How to choose a crystal necklace

So know how to identify the authenticity of crystal, and what method to look at the quality of crystal? That is, how to buy crystal necklaces when buying crystal necklaces. Then we should start from the following three aspects.

1. Cleanliness
At present, according to the purity of the crystal, the crystal will be divided into different grades, such as AA grade with no defects and strong permeability, a grade with a little defects, and B grade with cracks and flocs with poor quality. At present, the crystal sold in the mall is divided into six grades, namely AA, a, AB, B, C and D. the higher the grade, the higher the quality and the higher the clarity, Naturally, the higher the price. (acordoi's crystal necklaces are all real crystal necklaces, all of which are above grade B)

2. Colour
As we all know, the color of crystal can be said to be rich and colorful, so when buying crystal, you should also choose crystals of different colors according to your personal preferences, but when buying, you should also treat different colors differently, such as gray, black or brown crystals, which are usually of low quality and colorless throughout, The quality is higher. The pink and purple crystals have high clarity, rich color and higher quality. Therefore, when purchasing, we need to comprehensively judge the color, clarity and richness.

3. Impurity
When selecting crystals, don't blindly pursue cleanliness. Crystals with impurities don't mean bad. Crystals without impurities don't mean good. Some crystals have packages inside, but good crystals. First of all, crystals with packages inside are difficult to fake, and the probability of fake is very small. The more perfect crystals are, the easier it is to fake. In addition, There will be some cracks or flocs inside some crystals, which will reduce the quality of crystals, so you need to pay attention to them when buying.

How to maintain crystal

Crystal is a natural gem and needs maintenance. If it is not maintained, the luster and purity of crystal may decline, which will affect the quality and price of crystal. Therefore, in daily life, when wearing crystal, you must pay attention to maintenance.

1. Clean
Although the crystal looks shiny and bright, the crystal will also be dirty, especially the crystal worn for a long time. Wearing it on the body every day, the sweat, oil and dust in the air will make the crystal lose its luster, so it's best to clean the crystal with water every three or five times, so that the crystal can maintain its long-term luster.

2. Keep away from chemicals
Crystal is a gem that is very afraid of chemicals. Therefore, in daily life, we must keep crystal away from chemicals, such as alkaline laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc. even when traveling, soaking in hot springs, or doing housework, it is best to take it off and put it away, so as to greatly reduce the wear and tear on crystal.

In fact, for the daily maintenance of crystal, there are no too many and cumbersome steps. Just keep clean and keep away from damage. Crystal is a gem that is not suitable for playing. You can wear it more at ordinary times, so don't play. If you must play, you must pay attention to cleaning the surface after playing, and don't let the grease in sweat adhere to the surface of crystal, That will affect its gloss.