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The simplest way to identify crystal necklace


The simplest way to identify crystal necklace

The simplest way to identify Crystal Necklace

The crystal necklace's clear crystal condenses the cultural complex of ancient civilization and shows the thousands of Customs of foreign friends. They are like petals scattered in the long river of history. They are full of light and color, which makes each owner intoxicated with inexplicable exclamation, emotion and reverie. However, this pure and beautiful crystal is so rare, so there are many imitations in the world. Although they are also very beautiful after processing and transformation, they are not genuine after all. They cannot have the energy and connotation accumulated by the precipitation of crystals for hundreds of millions of years. A large number of these imitations are made of glass products through dyeing and other processes, and their appearance is very similar. Although there is a large difference in hardness between the two, trial engraving is not allowed on the handicrafts made. Then, how can we distinguish the authenticity of crystals?

Naked eye identification

The naked eye method is actually aimed at the observation of crystal color, transparency, luster, dispersion, special optical effects and inclusions
1. Look at inclusions. Natural crystals generally have flocculent substances or needle tip inclusions, while synthetic crystals do not have this feature
2. Look at the color. Natural crystals often have uneven colors, accompanied by ribbons, and synthetic crystals have no vitality
3. Air feeling. Even in the dog days of hot summer, licking the natural crystal surface with your tongue can make you feel cold and cool. Fake crystal has no cool feeling
4. Illumination. Natural crystal is placed vertically in the sunlight. No matter from which angle, it can emit beautiful brilliance. Fake crystals cannot
5. Illumination. Natural crystal is placed vertically in the sun. No matter which color you see, it can emit beautiful brilliance, while fake crystal can't
6. Hardness. The hardness of natural crystal is large, and it will not leave traces if you gently draw it on the jewelry with crushed stones; If there are streaks, it is a fake crystal
7. Line drawing method. Draw a line on the paper and let the crystal pass through the straight line. If there is a double line, it will prove to be natural crystal (the method is limited to spherical crystal, which is based on the principle that the crystal is a birefringent GEM)

Instrument identification method
1. Polarizer. Put the crystal under the polarizer, rotate 360 degrees, and appear four times bright and four times dark, which is the natural crystal
2. Density method. The crystal density is 2.65 grams per cubic centimeter
3. Refractive index. Measure with refraction instrument.
Tongue licking
Identification of crystal can be licked with the tongue. Licking natural crystal with the tongue will have a cold and cool feeling. The temperature of fake crystal is similar to the ambient temperature, so it will not feel cool. In addition, when the crystal is observed under the sun, no matter from which angle, you can see the beautiful brilliance of natural crystal, while the false Brilliance will be relatively dim.

Look at luster
In addition, the identification of crystal can also see the luster. When the crystal is vertically placed under the sun, the natural crystal can see the beautiful brilliance from any angle. The refractive index of fake crystal is poor, and the luster after reflection is relatively dim.

Hardness measurement
The authenticity of the crystal can be identified by measuring the hardness. The hardness of the natural crystal is very large. No trace will be left when scratched on the surface of the natural crystal with crushed stones, while the texture of the fake crystal is relatively soft and can be scratched with crushed stones.

From the optical point of view, the real natural crystal necklace has a positive optical rotation. When placed vertically in the sun, it can emit colorful brilliance. No matter from which point of view, it can radiate beautiful brilliance, but it can't be fake.

From the physical and chemical point of view, the hardness, specific gravity and refractive index of real crystal necklace are quite different from those of fake crystal necklace. The real one is heavier and the fake one is lighter. The hardness of the real crystal necklace is 7.00 and the refractive index is 1.54; The false hardness is only 5.2-6.10, and the refractive index is less than 1.00. The hardness of natural crystal is large, and it will not leave traces if you gently draw it on the jewelry with crushed stones; If there are streaks, it is a fake crystal ornament.

In terms of purity, natural crystals are often affected by the environment in the formation process, and always contain some impurities. Some have different degrees of defects and inconsistent colors. When observing the sun, you can see faint uniform and fine horizontal lines or catkin like substances. The fake crystal is mostly melted with defective crystal slag and glass slag, polished, colored and imitated, without uniform stripes and catkins.