Original hidden deep meaning!


Original hidden deep meaning!

Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings (Couple Rings), the original hidden deep meaning!

Shakespeare once said,
"Jewelry is silent, but it can move women's hearts more than any language."
In fact, not only jewelry, all jewelry for women, are a fatal temptation, quietly stealing the women's heart.
Buy a piece of jewelry for your birthday, get a raise, or buy a piece of jewelry when you are lovelorn... There are thousands of reasons to buy jewelry, so your home may be full of jewelry. From top to bottom, all kinds of hair ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, rings and anklets are familiar. But do you know the hidden meaning of these jewelry?

1. Necklace: the heart has a sense of intelligence

Necklace means love. Single, friendly stage, send necklaces, on behalf of "I want to fall in love with you.". The couple stage gives the necklace, then represents ties to each other's meaning. Another implication of the necklace is commitment. The part of the necklace is very close to the heart, and the necklace will have a lock action, representing to accompany you all your life. If you send a necklace when you are in love, it means that you want to be with each other for a lifetime.

2. Bracelet: hand in hand, grow old with your son

Bracelet means "lover", homophonic "keep love", is to cherish the meaning of love. Boys give girls bracelets, which means "I want to tie with you tightly and love you all my life". A girl gives a boy a bracelet, which means she is willing to "hold her hand and grow old with her son.". Small bracelet, tied to two beating hearts, this is the real meaning of the bracelet, but also its charm. Bracelets are mostly made of metal, especially silver, and also made of ore and crystal. Unlike bracelets and bracelets, bracelets are chain shaped, which can also pray for peace and calm mind.

3. Bracelet: how to make chikuo? Double jump around the wrist.

In ancient times, bracelets have many appellations, "tiaotou" is one of them《 There is a story in the chronicle of Tang Poetry: Tang Wenzong asked his officials one day: "there is a sentence" tiaotou "in ancient poetry. Who knows what" tiaotou "is?" No one can answer. Wenzong told them, "jumping off is the wrist of today."
Most of the ancient bracelets were used as keepsakes. In Zhenhao, Liang Tao Hongjing described the jumping off of gold and jade given by the fairy calyx LaHua. In Pu Songling's strange tales from a lonely studio. White jade, it is written that Wu Sheng, a scholar, goes to a fairyland occasionally to have a good time with a fairy in purple. When she leaves, the fairy gives Wu Sheng her gold bracelet as a memento. Bracelet, on behalf of the lover circle, implies that she only loves one person. It is the lover of a woman's life, not only in this life but also in the afterlife. When she gets old, the bracelet is passed on to her daughter or daughter-in-law, inheriting the feelings of the Chinese family.

4. Ring: twist ring, see ring of Acacia, recollect each other again. Couple rings: proof of mutual dependence and love between lovers.

According to the existing literature, rings are often called "rings" in ancient times, and the emergence of the name "ring" was a matter of Yuan Dynasty. Ring originated from the practical, and then turned to the unity of aesthetic and wealth, and gradually given different cultural significance. After thousands of years of wind and rain baptism, rings play an important role in modern life, either as decoration, or as a keepsake of marriage, or purely used to show wealth. Ring means to be disciplined for love. Love only one person for a lifetime, and there will be no other person. Nowadays, the ring has become the most straightforward and sincere expression of love. From proposal, engagement to formal marriage, the ring is indispensable. Every wedding anniversary, the husband gives his wife a diamond ring and precious metal to show his loyalty. Jadeite means love, pearl means nobility, Amethyst means health, agility and luck. Crystal makes more people fall in love at first sight with its unique magnetic energy.
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