Inlaid Stone Hollow Lover Adjustable Couple Rings

The origin of the couple rings


The origin of the couple rings

Lovers' rings refer to the rings worn between lovers, which are usually used in pairs. It is generally selected according to personal style and finger shape. Special dates, intimate names and love declarations can be engraved on the ring.

Legend of the couple rings

In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus won the love of the beautiful princess Europa with a beautiful ring. Are lovers eager to have a pair of love rings on Valentine's day? Although there are thousands of keepsakes to convey feelings, only the couple's ring can really last forever - it is the unspeakable code of love, warming up love, adding points to feelings, and giving warm expectations to lovers bathed in love. In the festival of love, with your company, take the pair of precepts as evidence, so that couples can believe in love to the end.
In ancient Greek legend, couples put rings on each other's ring finger because they believed that there was a blood vessel leading to the heart. No matter how the years change, they will stay together forever. Therefore, the meaning of lovers' ring is to make a commitment with heart!

Ring source

Savage theory
It is said that it was the result of the ancient interpretation of marriage snatching. At that time, men robbed women from other tribes and put chains on her. After years of evolution, shackles have become engaged and married. A man wearing a ring to a woman means that she belongs to me.
Worship theory
The ring originated from ancient sun worship. In ancient times, the ring was made of jade, symbolizing the sun wheel of the sun god. It was thought that like the sun god, it gave people warmth and protected human happiness and peace. At the same time, it also symbolized virtue and eternity, truth and faith. At the wedding, the groom wears a gold ring, symbolizing the fiery red sun; The bride wears a silver ring, symbolizing the bright moon.
Taboo theory

Couple rings natural crystal

Couple of rings of natural crystal (10 pieces)
The ring is synonymous with "ring". In historical books, it is called "about finger", "pull (the left should be" bow ") ring", "hand note", "substitute finger", etc. At first, the ring was a special mark used by concubines in the court to avoid taboos. When you are pregnant or cannot approach the king in other circumstances, you should put a gold ring on your left hand to forbid the emperor's "Royal luck", and usually use a silver ring on your right hand. Later, the ring was spread to the people and removed from its original meaning. It was thought to be beautiful and remained popular for a long time. "San Yu Fu Bi", written by Duqiong in the Ming Dynasty, said“ Today, in the secular world, gold and silver are used as rings and placed between women's fingers. They are called rings.
" Literally, the word "Jie" contains the meaning of prohibition. Therefore, women's political rings at that time were not to show off beauty or decoration, but to show caution and play a role of prohibition.

Couple ring style selection

As for the style of lovers' rings, we always don't know how to choose, because our finger types are long and short, we need to match the hand type with the appropriate style. Then, here are some tips and secrets to change and beautify your hand shape by using lovers' rings.
1. Style tips for short finger lovers' rings: modify the defects of hand shape with straight line style
The short finger type should choose linear, olive and pear rings to avoid the of round, square and rectangular gem couple rings. The design of the ring is preferably straight or diagonal, because it makes short fingers look slender.
2. Style secret for long finger wedding jewellery: add charm to hand shape with horizontal line style
Slender fingers should wear horizontal lines of rings. Styles such as high shape, wide strip, multi-layer inlay, round and square gemstones will look good. Avoid pear shaped, olive pointed and linear rings, because they will make your fingers look thinner. You might as well try wearing multiple thin rings on the same finger. Horizontal stripes match with slender fingers to increase the charm of your hand.
3. Style secret of medium finger couple ring: shape the beauty of hand according to personal style
If your fingers are medium, you can wear rings of any shape according to your hobbies and personal style. But remember that no ring should grow to the upper joint of your finger or wider than the width of your hand. In this way, the modification of your hand shape can reach the perfect state of graceful posture.