The difference between proposal and engagement


The difference between proposal and engagement

Proposing marriage is to solicit the wishes of girls to live together, and engagement is the consensus of two people to reach a combination and formally determine and announce the relationship between unmarried couples. Although in theory, proposing marriage should be before engagement, it is entirely possible to propose marriage on the day of engagement.

1. Proposed - ask for will

The original function of marriage proposal is to solicit the will, express the hope of marriage to the other half, wait for the other half's answer, and whether to accept your invitation to spend your life together.

2. Engagement - relationship determination

If the wedding is a formal step into marriage, then engagement is the preparation link before entering the marriage and is the "reserve" of the formal husband and wife relationship. The main purpose of this ceremony is to announce each other's Quasi husband and wife relationship to everyone and start preparing for the wedding.

3. Proposal vs engagement - different participants

In addition to the newcomers themselves, the participants in the proposal and engagement are often different. The proposal can be made by two people or with the participation of friends. It is more of a carnival of peers, and the participants in the engagement have more family members, which is a more formal occasion.

4. Proposal vs engagement - different sizes

The scale of the proposal can be large or small. It mainly depends on what kind of proposal ceremony you want to hold and how the proposal method is operated. However, the engagement ceremony is generally fixed and the scale will not be too small. Even if there are only close relatives, they also need to eat and celebrate.

5. Proposal vs engagement - different rituals

The proposal ceremony is more about boys expressing their love to girls, which is a more personal emotional expression between couples, while the engagement is more solemn. It is to show their willingness to live together with their families. There are great differences in the ceremony, which is the difference between individuals and families.

6. Proposal vs engagement - different meanings

The meaning of marriage proposal and engagement is different. Marriage proposal is the end of the love relationship, which means that two people should adjust their relationship to the next stage, which is the embodiment of the perfection of love, while engagement is the starting point of marriage and the new stage of relationship between two people as prospective husband and wife.