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Rules of wearing a pure silver necklace


Rules of wearing a pure silver necklace

Rules of wearing a pure silver necklace


The skill of folding pure silver necklaces has become a daily necessity for fashion experts. If you want to say goodbye to the dull single basic style, you can start with necklaces of various standard lengths: the length is basically 30 cm, a 40 cm necklace will fall on the clavicle, and a 50 cm necklace will fall on the sternum.

Necklaces of different lengths and materials will be easier to match with a sense of hierarchy. Start with the longest one and find your own style - it's great to use the adjustable chain for folding.



Basically, it is recommended that the length of the stacked necklaces should be controlled between 30-50 cm to keep the necklaces below the neck and above the chest. The length of 30-40 cm is suitable for high collar shirts, and the length of 45-50 cm is suitable for V-collar clothes, which can create a visual effect of lengthening the neck and improving the overall tall temperament.

In addition to the simplest and most error free double optical chain folding, the effect of Pendant Necklace folding is also very brilliant.

Want to jump out of the same length necklace and choose the same length necklace to fold? It's also a good try!

If you think the single tone is boring, you can use different colors of jewelry accessories to create the finishing touch of the overall dress, enhance the brightness of the shape and make it delicate. The small beaded gems add a bohemian style and have a unique moral.

It's also worth trying to fold the necklaces of different materials. If the necklaces are properly matched, they can not only enrich the overall sense of modeling level, but also create a personal creativity and fashion power. Find the gray jewelry in the jewelry box, as well as some "antiques" collected by my mother, the pearls of grandma's generation or the small pearls of Fritillaria that you haven't worn for a long time. Mixing them with some modern jewelry may produce amazing effects.

If you want to strengthen women's strength, you might as well try to choose a short thick necklace. The thick chain has a strong sense of existence. It is suitable to be used as the main chain of the necklace. It is cool to wear a broad-shaped suit coat or a motorcycle jacket.

How can you forget the pearl jewelry when you fold the necklace? In recent years, the popular pearl jewelry can be said to be the originator of the necklace. The round, elegant, gentle and moving pearl necklace can be said to be a good match for shirts and sweaters.

Getting rid of the original rules of pearl necklace with pearl necklace and pearl necklace with any metal chain can be a minute counter attack fashion ghost horse spirit, playful and lovely.

It is more suitable for novices to choose a safe and conservative way. Plain chains, clavicle chains and simple Pendant Necklaces with similar styles and tones are more low-key and delicate. Slender chains with simple shirt skirts and jackets will not be too complicated, but they can also decorate the lines well on the face and neck.


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