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Reasons to start buying 925 sterling silver jewelry


Reasons to start buying 925 sterling silver jewelry

Some people associate Sterling Silver with "too expensive". On the other hand, some people think it is not "high quality" because it is not pure gold or regarded as "high-grade jewelry". But is this really the case?
For decades, silver has been associated with luxury goods
Sterling Silver - 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal alloys (usually copper) - introduced the luxurious silver tradition into jewelry.
Some people think sterling silver can only be used as earrings. Others see it as a cheap alternative to platinum.
In fact, 925 sterling silver can be used in various types of jewelry to create a classic and fashionable appearance.
Modern jewelry designers flock to this precious metal because it is a perfect combination of ductility, beauty and durability. You will find that 925 sterling silver jewelry seems to be tailored to your personal taste.

Sterling silver jewelry is durable

If properly maintained, 925 sterling silver jewelry can benefit you for life. Even after 40 years, they look exactly the same! The real 925 sterling silver is not cheap. For the quality and lifetime value of jewelry, the additional cost is worth it.
Some of your well-made works may even become heirlooms in the future. To ensure that you get the best quality jewelry, you should buy it from a reputable jewelry company and look for the following marks in the hidden place of new accessories: 925 or sterling silver.

You can keep up with the trend

Here's the latest news from any woman who likes to keep up with the trend. People in the fashion jewelry industry know that the pace of fast fashion jewelry trends can be dazzling. Fortunately, the popularity of 925 Sterling Silver means that it can almost always be guaranteed. Even if the design changes, the latest style of jewelry will always include 925 sterling silver. Recently, for example, gemstones and uncut minerals have become the staple foods of accessories in spring and summer. Usually, these stones are inlaid with 925 sterling silver. Keeping some silver jewelry in your jewelry rotation is a reliable way to ensure that you always maintain your best state.

You can have a wide selection of styles

Because silver is a relatively soft metal, it is easy for jewelers to shape and experiment - which means that new designs are constantly being quoted. 925 sterling silver has a wide range of styles and designs, which means you will find one (or twenty) that suits your personal style. Whether you are looking for a small box pendant, bracelet, ring or pendant, there are thousands of options. One of our favorite works is a sterling silver friendship bracelet or Sterling Silver Ring Earrings. Even loyal supporters of sterling silver are not limited to the same changes in the old concept. Innovation is continuous. There is always a new 925 jewelry that you can add to your collection!

Anti Allergy

Unlike parts made of cheap nickel, brass or other base metals, they can stimulate your skin. Sterling silver jewelry does not contain metal additives that can cause allergic reactions. People who are allergic to metals such as nickel and / or brass can wear sterling silver jewelry without much worry. This is especially important for accessories such as earrings - you can wear them without worrying about infection from perforation. The metal added to 925 sterling silver is usually copper, which is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Knowing that you will not face any consequences in the future, please rest assured that you will wear your silver jewelry.

Easy maintenance

Although silver is beautiful, many women sometimes avoid it for one reason - tarnishing. It's disappointing to see that a favorite item suddenly becomes dirty or discolored after being placed in the jewelry box for too long. All silver will lose its luster over time, especially if it is not worn often. The good news is that wearing jewelry helps prevent discoloration. Oil on the skin "cleans" the metal, which means you don't have to worry about looking dirty. Even if your 925 sterling silver jewelry is indeed dim, there is an easy way to restore its original luster. Most handicraft stores or hardware stores will provide a varnish suitable for your silver. Cleaning your jewelry with varnish and a new cloth will make the silver shine unknowingly.