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Is it ok to give girlfriend a necklace?


Is it ok to give girlfriend a necklace?

  • Meaning of sending Necklace

  • What necklace would you like to give your girlfriend?

  • How much is a necklace suitable for your girlfriend?



Giving girlfriend a dainty silver necklace is a great choice. A necklace is one of the best jewelry forms you can give a girl. It shows love and affection and your commitment, not like a ring to show that you are ready to move on to the next stage.

Meaning of sending Necklace

1. Necklace stands for "love"
Boys give girls a necklace, which means I want to fall in love with you (necklace). Without too much gorgeous language, a necklace is enough to express your heart. If a boy is shy to express his heart, he might as well try to use the necklace to express his heart for you. I believe she will understand your heart.

2. Necklace stands for "tie each other"
Giving a girl a necklace also means that she wants to tie each other's heart. Accepting the necklace means that a girl is willing to be tied by this beautiful chain, stay with you, hold her hand and grow old with her son. It is very suitable for a boyfriend to give to a girlfriend and a husband to his wife.

3. The necklace represents guardian
The necklace given to the nearest place shows that you have deep feelings and represents the upgrading of love. He wants to accompany you and protect you all his life. If you love him too, remember to respond positively!

What necklace would you like to give your girlfriend

1. Look at your girlfriend's preferences
If your girlfriend usually pays more attention to jewelry brands, it is recommended that you choose some well-known brand necklaces for her. If your girlfriend is not so interested in the brand of jewelry and cares about the beauty or your intentions towards her, you can carefully choose a necklace that suits her.

2. See what dainty silver necklace your girlfriend fits
The choice of necklaces is also related to everyone's neck length, face shape and skin color. Xiaobian simply tells you the key points of choice: people with short necks should not wear necklaces with large pendants or very long necklaces, and people with long necks should not wear necklaces with thick chains and very short necklaces; The round face needs a relatively longer necklace, which shows a small face in the shape of v. the face with a sharp chin is better to wear a shorter necklace with a round pendant.

How much is a necklace suitable for your girlfriend

How much is a suitable dainty silver necklace for your girlfriend? It depends on your budget. The price ranges from $50 to $1000 because of the size, material and brand. It depends on what price you want to give her. However, no matter how much the price is, your intention is priceless.