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How to Maintain 925 Silver Plated Jewelry


How to Maintain 925 Silver Plated Jewelry

In the past two years, gold-plated jewelry has been very popular. Major brands and INS bloggers prefer gold jewelry, and acordoi will not fall behind.
Acordoi's gold jewelry gets rid of the traditional local tyrant gold image, and adds fashionable colors such as rose gold, champagne gold, matte gold. The modeling is exquisite and the taste is absolutely good. A set of ordinary clothes is cleverly matched with gold jewelry, which is white and gentle. It will make the finishing point for your dress, and the whole person will light up!
First of all, acordoi gold products are all solid sterling silver plated.
It should be noted that the gold-plated products will fade after a long time. Gold plating will fade. The color of plating is not its own color, nor does it grow on it. Who can guarantee that it will never fade?
Although the discoloration of silver gold-plated products is a difficult problem in the industry, acordoi's silver gold-plated products adopt vacuum electroplating process, which greatly improves the oxidation resistance of the products. Therefore, under normal circumstances, pay attention to maintenance and wearing methods, and color preservation is excellent. At present, there is little short-term fading feedback from customers.
For maintenance and precautions, you can see the detailed explanation of the materials of gold products in our micro store. Let's have some dry goods for the maintenance of gold-plated products.
For ordinary wage earners, 925 silver gold-plated jewelry is a good choice because it is beautiful, has many styles and is cheap, but people often ask, "does this gold-plated jewelry fade?" Ha ha ha ha ha ha. If you ask, what do you want to hear? If you say it may fade, you must throw down something and turn around and leave; Do you believe it if you say it doesn't fade? In fact, as long as the jewelry is not the color of the product material itself and the surface is plated, pay attention to the maintenance. No one can guarantee that the color will never fade without maintenance.
925 pure silver gold plating is commonly referred to as the gold plating on the substrate by vacuum plating (as for how to add, there are many layers in the process, I won't repeat them one by one). Therefore, the most direct cause of fading is wear, followed by exposure to chemicals, which we most often ignore. Such as perfume, essential oil, skin care oil and so on;
Then you ask, can I wash my hands and take a bath? Can't you touch water? In fact, water is not a problem. The key is hand sanitizer, soap, bath liquid, sulfur and other things. They are also chemical... These chemicals will decompose and corrode the surface coating. You can imagine the severity of fading.

1. Jewelry Replaces Frequently

Jewelry is often replaced. The same jewelry should not be worn for a long time, especially in hot weather. The jewelry coating is easy to erode due to long-term contact with sweat. Therefore, it is best to prepare multiple jewelry for regular replacement.

2. Do not wear Jewelry under the following conditions:

① , swimming
The water in the swimming pool is chlorinated, and the surface gloss of jewelry will be affected if it is soaked for a long time.
② , hot spring, sea water
Do not wear precious metal jewelry when soaking in hot springs and seawater. There are sulfur substances in hot springs. Silver will be oxidized and blackened when encountering sulfur. Seawater is a complex electrolyte system and is corrosive to many metals. Therefore, in these two cases, try not to wear precious metal jewelry. Otherwise, it is easy to cause a chemical reaction and change the color of the product.
③ , do hair
When making hair, especially for hair dyeing and perm, be sure to take off the necklace and earrings first. If the hair dye and perm potion touch the ornaments, it is very easy to change color.
④. Spray perfume, hair gel and cream.
Do not wear precious metal jewelry while applying skin care products, cosmetics, perfume and hair spray. Jewelry should be worn at intervals after the above process. Because perfume, hair gel, cream and so on are highly volatile substances, direct contact, it is easy to cause jewelry discoloration. Therefore, we must pay attention to wearing the sun before the jewelry, emulsion, makeup, hair gel and the use of perfume is the same reason. Moreover, it is necessary to wear jewelry when liquid and emulsion are distributed and absorbed completely.
⑤ Steam sauna
The heat transfer efficiency of metal is very high, and the heat of steam may burn the skin through jewelry. So don't forget to take off your gold jewelry before enjoying the sauna.
⑥ , washing dishes
Do not wear silver plated rings and bracelets when washing dishes. Do not let the product directly contact detergents. Stay away from strong acids, alkalis, gasoline, kerosene and alcoholic liquids. Try not to touch hot water with gold-plated products.
⑦ , bath, sleep, exercise
No matter what material it is, especially jewelry with metal. It is best to take them off when bathing and sleeping, avoid direct contact with acid-based substances such as shower gel and soapy water, and store them in a dry and cool place. Silver plated gold is a metal that is easily discolored, of course. It's best not to wear it when exercising. Take off your jewelry when exercising, because sweat is corrosive. If the action range is too large, the jewelry easily falls or collides, causing damage to the jewelry and body.

3. Wipe with flannelette to avoid friction as much as possible

In the process of wearing, if you have time, you'd better wipe it with silver cloth to keep the jewelry bright( Please use our complimentary professional silver wiping cloth to wipe, because the electroplated layer is very thin and the cloth is rough, which is easy to scratch the electroplated layer and affects the surface gloss.)
When you are engaged in heavy physical labor or cleaning work, you should remove the jewelry and put it in a fixed place to prevent loss or damage. Because gold plating is a layer on the outer surface, we should try not to produce friction to avoid grinding off the surface. We should pay attention to this.

4. Avoid contact with acid-based liquid chemical products

If you sweat a lot, after taking it off, try to wipe the jewelry with a clean cloth to avoid the corrosion of sweat on the jewelry. Avoid direct contact with acidic and alkaline substances such as soapy water, hand sanitizer, bath liquid and sulfur!

5. Store separately and seal

Finally, it is also the key knowledge: poorly preserved jewelry will break even if it is not worn! Preservation method of jewelry
If sterling silver jewelry is not suitable for wearing for a long time, it must be washed with clean water and then wiped with a silver cloth to avoid corrosion caused by sweat on the jewelry, and then put it into a sealed bag or packing box to isolate the air and avoid oxidation, yellowing and blackening of the silver jewelry. Each ornament shall be stored separately to avoid mixing with other ornaments or hard objects to avoid mutual friction and damage
If there is no condition to put them together, you can wrap each jewelry with a paper towel to prevent mutual friction.
Keep pearl jewelry in a dry and cool place to prevent direct sunlight.
In short, no matter what kind of jewelry is made of, do not expose it to the outside and come into contact with the air.
Precautions for daily wear (applicable to all silver ornaments)
Sterling silver jewelry is soft and easy to deform, so don't pull hard to avoid deformation. When adjusting the size of the ring and opening and closing the earrings, please do not pull hard to prevent the jewelry from deformation and fracture. Pay attention to the strength of wearing and taking off; Some accessories with complex styles cannot be wiped. It is best to go to the silver store for professional cleaning and maintenance every six months.
Get gold-plated product anti fading tips
As the skin produces more oil and sweat in summer, the chloride in sweat is very corrosive to gold-plated jewelry. Worried about the color of gold plated jewelry, you can wipe it clean with clean soft cloth before wearing it, and evenly apply a layer of colorless nail polish. After it is dried, it will be worn again, then be painted once every 1 or 2 months.
Customers who are allergic to allergies can also use this method to coat the skin with a layer of transparent nail polish before wearing them, so as to avoid corrosion and most metal allergies.
It should be noted that before applying bracelets, necklaces and anklets, it is best to try and observe at the humble place to avoid unevenness without experience. It is also to see if their nail polish will be corrosive to the chain (because there are different plating processes, it is possible that the chemical composition of nail polish itself will corrode it).