How to Layer Necklaces


How to Layer Necklaces

  • Layering of necklace

  • Thin necklace overlapping

  • The necklace overlaps with the collar

  • Thick and thin necklace overlapping

  • Exaggerated Necklace folding



I don't know since when, the folding of necklaces has become a trend, and I do see that many stars match with fashion talents, which is very unique and brilliant. But folding is also a technical activity. If it is not matched well, it will appear cumbersome and messy. So how to fold the necklace to make it more attractive? It's worth learning from fashion people. Let's take a look at the common methods of folding necklaces.

Layering of necklace

Necklaces are usually stacked with different lengths, because they are different in length and material, so the combined styles will be richer. If matched properly, it gives people a strong sense of hierarchy, enriches the neck, and will not give people a complex feeling.

Thin necklace overlapping

Thin necklace is a jewelry item that many women will choose, giving people a feeling of small and exquisite. But unless the clavicle and neck lines are very beautiful, there is always a sense of monotony. The way many fine necklaces are folded and worn not only looks very hierarchical and strengthens the sense of sight, but also does not have a very cumbersome feeling. It can modify the lines of the face and neck, showing gentleness and elegance.

The necklace overlaps with the collar

This is a very fashionable matching method. Now the baroque style is becoming stronger and stronger, and the collar is becoming more and more popular. When two necklaces with completely opposite styles are overlapped, it gives people a strong visual impact. The collar is very hard, while the necklace is soft. If you choose the same metal material, it gives people a harmonious combination of hardness and softness, which is very different.

Thick and thin necklace overlapping

This is a method that many European and American style stars like to wear on top of each other. Regardless of the length difference of necklaces, two necklaces of the same length are separated by different thickness. They are simply superimposed together, giving people a very jumping feeling.
Overlapping necklaces of different materials.

Each material has its own unique characteristics, so if the necklaces of different materials are matched properly, the advantages of the two materials are adding together, which will be more brilliant. Of course, this kind of folding needs a certain matching skill. The wearer needs to match necklaces of different materials to find his own style.

Exaggerated Necklace folding

Nowadays, it is a society that pays attention to individuality and uniqueness. Most of the necklace collocations among many celebrities are the same. If you must pursue independence, choosing two exaggerated necklaces to wear together is very domineering, with strong visual aggression. Moreover, there are few opportunities to collide, which shows more publicity.