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How to buy dainty silver necklaces: all the knowledge of silver jewelry is here


How to buy dainty silver necklaces: all the knowledge of silver jewelry is here

  • What kind of silver should I buy?

  • Is sterling silver valuable?

  • Why does silver change color

  • Prevent silver discoloration




Silver, gold, palladium and platinum are precious metals. These are rare metals. Silver has been used since 3000 BC, and its use value is very high. Silver has become the favorite metal of jewelry because of its good flexibility and beautiful color.

When most people think of silver, they think of jewelry. However, jewelry is not the only use known for silver. In fact, silver has been used in many medical and technical fields because of its antibacterial properties and excellent conductivity.

What kind of silver should I buy?

There are many varieties of silver on the market. Among them, pure silver and silver plating are the most commonly used.

Sterling Silver

925 pure silver is an alloy composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper or nickel). These metals give silver strength, durability and extra luster. This ingredient enriches the variety of silver, which is the quality standard of jewelry. This is an established silver standard, which originated in about 1300. Sterling Silver standard is popular at Tiffany and CO in the United States because they use it as jewelry.

But you may wonder: how do I know if I can recognize sterling silver?

Real Sterling Silver should have a mark to identify it. The Sterling Silver Logo is available in many versions. You may see 925 printed on silver, sterling silver, 925, or sterling silver.

If you are worried about the durability of sterling silver, please relax. This is a durable hard metal. In case of any surface scratch or damage, the pure silver can be easily polished back to its smooth luster. In addition, the price of sizing and repair is very reasonable, so it is easy to maintain sterling silver jewelry.

Silver plated jewelry

If you are familiar with gold plating, you will find that silver plating is the same thing. It is essentially a thin layer of silver coated on another base metal (usually copper). It is conceivable that there is much less silver plated than pure silver and pure silver. It has no other form of value. Over time, the coating will fade and peel off.

If the jewelry does not have any marked area, the jewelry may not be stamped even if it is precious silver. When I first learned about the logo, I checked all my silver and was glad to see the tiny 925 logo.

Is sterling silver valuable?

Pure silver is much cheaper than its precious metal counterparts, gold, palladium and platinum. This is because more silver is mined than other precious metals.

In any case, it is one of the most beautiful metals with extraordinary color and luster. Since Sterling Silver accounts for only a small part of the cost of gold or platinum, it is ideal for every budget and jewelry lover.

Why does silver change color

If you have ever owned any sterling silver jewelry, you will know that over time, it will lose its luster and turn black.

As mentioned above, high-quality silver is not easy to change color. It is very resistant to discoloration and maintains its color.

However, sterling silver jewelry exposed to air and moisture will change color over time. The reason behind this is that other metals in the alloy (usually copper) react with moisture and sulfur in the air. They are chemically bonded to silver and cause discoloration. If your silver is exposed to chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, sprays and cleaners, it may lose its luster more quickly.

Prevent silver discoloration

Regardless of quality or price, all sterling silver will change color over time. Although you can't stop it, you can certainly slow down the process.

Storage: one of the main ways is to store your silver jewelry so that it is not exposed to the air. You can store the silver in a sealed bag. A good idea is to add anti rust strips to the bag. This prevents discoloration. You can also store silver in jewelry boxes with air restrictions, or use other low humidity storage methods. To prevent moisture in the air, use silica gel or chalk to absorb the air.
Chemicals and exposure: after wearing jewelry, make sure it is cleaned before storage. Oil and other elements will accumulate on the silver surface and accelerate the fading. A good idea is to remove all silver jewelry before touching water (such as swimming and shower). Stay away from household chemicals, body fluids or any sulfur-containing items such as latex, wool and onions. Do not contact them with cosmetics, lotions or cosmetics. Be sure to add your silver jewelry at the end.

Maintenance: when cleaning silver, please gently clean the articles with warm water and soap. Wipe dry with a soft cloth to remove dry water spots and store carefully. Polishing your silver jewelry is another good way to slow down the rate of discoloration.

It has lost its luster... What should I do now?

For tarnished silver, the best way to remove the ugly black coating is to polish silver jewelry.
There are several different polishing methods:

Use silver jewelry cleaner. Use a small amount on a soft cloth and gently wipe it several times. Then, wash the silver with warm water and rinse off the detergent.

Use silver polishing cloth. When polishing silver with a cloth, avoid making circles, as this will aggravate scratches. Instead, rub the silver back and forth.

Take the silver to the jeweler and clean it professionally.

A safer option is to wash your own silver at home. This is a way to do this: to do this, add baking soda and salt to the aluminum foil bowl, and then pour it into boiling water. Add some white vinegar. Soak the silver for a few minutes. After removing the rust, take out the jewelry and wipe it. This is a fast, affordable and very simple way to restore the luster of silver.