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How to buy crystal necklace?


How to buy crystal necklace?


Crystal necklace has the characteristics of "transparent, dreamy and shining", and has magical charm. It not only glitters like a diamond, but also brings good luck to people according to different crystal colors. Therefore, crystal necklaces are popular with people's attention and love. So, how to buy crystal necklaces?

Tips and methods for choosing Crystal Necklace

The face is in harmony with the necklace

Generally speaking, if women with long face and neck can buy short crystal necklaces, because short necklaces can shorten their neck and face relatively. Women with round face and thick neck can consider choosing a long crystal necklace. Whether it is matched with the pendant of chicken heart or the pattern of Swan, it will produce the effect of lengthening the face and make this collocation more balanced. For women with oval face, wearing any one will add charm and make the face more perfect. In short, crystal necklaces have a variety of possibilities in modifying face and neck lines.

Consider the length of the necklace

The length of the necklace generally depends on the thickness of each person's neck. If the neck is thick, the specification of the necklace needs to be longer; On the contrary, it is shorter. But others choose the length according to their preferences. There are three main specifications of necklaces: 45cm, 48CM and 50cm. In addition, there is also a kit necklace, such as three sets of pearl chains and two sets of ivory chains. It is composed of multiple necklaces, and the length between them is inconsistent. It is difficult to determine the specification of such necklaces.

Check the quality of the necklace

When choosing a necklace, first try it on and check whether the arc of the chain is natural. If there are twists and turns between the chain links, you will feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Secondly, straighten the necklace, lift one end with one hand and shake it gently. Then hold the other end of the chain with the other hand and wait for it to stop shaking in the air to see whether it is twisted in a twist shape and whether there is an obvious knot. If it is flat, it is a limited necklace. Finally, gently move the beginning of the confluence ring with your fingernail to check whether the elasticity is good.

Necklace matching method

Relationship between necklace and collar shape

1. In addition to matching general necklaces, pointed necklaces can be excellent with long crystal necklaces. Don't be afraid to wear several necklaces layer by layer. Like two long necklaces with pointed collar suits, they are often more vivid than one. 2. Boat shaped collar and collar are a perfect match. A longer necklace is also good, as long as the necklace doesn't end at the bottom of the collar. 3. The high collar can be matched with any Necklace less than 3cm below the clavicle. 4. When wearing round neck clothes and necklaces, pay attention that the arc line of the necklaces should not be completely parallel to the neckline.

The relationship between necklaces and necks

1. People with short necks are suitable for exquisite necklaces and necklaces with beads arranged from small to large. People with double chin or three chin can not wear necklaces. 2. People with long necks can wear necklaces close to their necks, fine, large and thick necklaces and long pendants inlaid with gemstones. They can also choose several thick bead chains to overlap each other. For example, if a woman with a long neck wears a thick Necklace outside a round neck coat, the length of the necklace will reach the clavicle, and the effect is absolutely amazing. Although they also have their own defects, they are naturally suitable for wearing necklaces.