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How does the bride wear a dainty necklace?


How does the bride wear a dainty necklace?

  • Wear a Wedding Necklace according to the shape of your face

  • Wear a Wedding Necklace according to the neck shape

  • Wedding dress style suitable for matching necklace

  • Wedding dress style not suitable for wearing Necklace



Wear a Wedding Necklace according to the shape of your face

1. Oval face
The oval face can be worn in almost all styles. This kind of face is beautiful, but it's a little uncomfortable: it's almost beautiful to wear any necklace. What if you have difficulty choosing!
2. Long face
Be sure to avoid V-shaped and long necklaces! It's best to choose a short necklace with round radians and horizontal designs, which can also play a role of "shortening" visually and make the face look softer and more natural.
3. Round face
The round face is lovely and age reducing, but the face line of the round face is relatively round and the flesh feeling is more obvious. It is advisable to wear a V-shaped long necklace, such as a long necklace made of medium-sized pearls, which can make the face look longer.
4. Square face
The face line of the square face is hard, so it will inevitably lack the feeling of softness. You can choose a more round and soft style to "ease" the edges and corners of the face, such as pearl material, and for example, necklaces that can form arc lines in front of the chest are very good. Necklaces with linear geometric patterns should be avoided as much as possible.

Wear a Wedding Necklace according to the neck shape

In addition to selecting the necklace according to the bride's face, it can also be selected according to the bride's neck characteristics. Wearing a suitable necklace can make up for the lack of neck and highlight the beautiful neckline.
1. Short neck: choose a relatively slender necklace, or the pendant is a tower necklace that rises gradually from large to small; Do not wear a thick necklace.
2. Slender neck: you can wear a short necklace attached to the neck to highlight the beauty of the neck.
3. Thin face and slender neck: wearing a single short necklace, the face will not appear too thin and the neck will not appear too long.
4. Round face and short neck: it's best to wear a slender necklace. If there is a conspicuous Large Pendant in the middle of the necklace, the effect will be better.

Wedding dress style suitable for matching necklace

1. Deep V-shaped wedding dress
The V-shaped design could well highlight the bride's chest curves and sexy collarbone. Wearing a pendant necklace can visually balance the proportion of exposed skin. If you choose a streamlined pendant, it can enhance your sense of fashion and advancement.
Tips: if you choose a larger wedding dress neckline, it is recommended to choose a larger necklace size, such as an open-ended question mark necklace.
2. Bra wedding dress
The bra wedding dress could well highlight the bride's shoulder line. Due to more exposed skin and too large visual space, it is suitable for the necklace style with large size. Try to avoid falling design, and the arc necklace is more elegant and noble. A trendy bride can try wearing a choker style necklace. Choker has been popular for many years, but it can't cover up the classical atmosphere it wants to build with the wedding dress, making the bride look like a beauty coming out of the oil painting. Lace Choker is a traditional wedding accessory, just like tying the remaining lace directly around the neck when making a wedding dress, which is very provocative.
3. Backless wedding dress
When wearing a bareback wedding dress, the reverse wearing of a long pendant necklace is an excellent choice. In the choice of a necklace, the length of the pendant is directly proportional to the height of the bareback. The long necklace flows down the line of the spine, matched with the sexy butterfly bone. Compared with the necklace, the back chain has the function of modifying the body curve, which can perfectly show the sexy beauty of the bride. If the exposed back proportion reaches the waist, the water drop chain decoration is an excellent decoration, which can visually lengthen the back proportion, so that the monotonous back skin can easily become a color point for the bride. You can also choose longer styles, such as pearl Tassel Necklace and multi-layer necklace, which balance the vision, highlighting the sense of hierarchy, fashionable and exquisite.
4. Square collar wedding dress
The biggest feature of the square collar design is that it can well highlight women's chest lines and the ratio of chest to waist. At the top of the style, the neck is more retro and mature than the V-neck. It is recommended to choose a simple single ring necklace, diamond, pearl or crystal is a good choice.

Wedding dress style not suitable for wearing Necklace

1. Round neck long sleeve wedding dress
The round neck long sleeve wedding dress, with less skin exposure, dignified and elegant, looks very advanced, but because the wedding dress itself is a perfect round neck, it will be redundant to wear a necklace.
2. Straight neckline wedding dress
The design of the straight neck is close to the bra, but due to the shielding of the arms on both sides, the proportion of exposed skin will be much smaller than the bra visually. If the neckline is high, there is not much space. Wearing a necklace will get twice the result with half the effort.
3. High collar wedding dress
The high collar wedding dress is noble and elegant, full of style. However, whether it is an open high collar or a non open high collar, it is not suitable to wear a necklace.
4. Hanging neck wedding dress
The exposed proportion of neck hanging wedding dresses is just right, which can show the beautiful shoulder and neck line, but it is no longer suitable to wear a necklace due to the design of the neckline.