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Do you know what wearing Anklets means?


Do you know what wearing Anklets means?

Do you know what wearing Anklets means? It's not just smelly beauty!
Bracelets, necklaces, belts... With the development of the times, women's trinkets have become more and more imaginative. Anklets came into being, especially when going to the beach for vacation, anklets have almost become indispensable accessories for girls.
Foot decoration originated in Hawaii. At that time, flowers were strung into short chains and worn on the ankle. Unintentional creativity has become the ancestor of popular foot chains today. It soon became popular in Southeast Asia and became a new favorite of jewelry in China this year!
Put on the anklet and feel swaying when walking. Generally, only one ankle can be worn, and both ankles can be worn. If you wear silk stockings, you can wear the anklet outside the socks to make the anklet more eye-catching.

Do you know what it means to wear Anklets?

1. There is such an old legend that if a boyfriend or husband helps a girl put on her anklet, he will get to know her again in his next life and he will find the girl.
2. It can bring good luck to yourself. It can be worn by both men and women. According to folklore, wearing left foot can prevent villains, and wearing right foot can attract money!
3. Tie this life, tie the afterlife; Without this life, we can meet in the afterlife.
4. Ankle + Chain = ankle chain, and homophonic "Miss". In memory of something or someone.
Red rope Anklet is also very popular recently, and it is also the best jewelry for girls to boys!
Because the red rope Anklet implies good luck, peace and wealth. If the anklet woven by a girl is given to her lover, does it feel super sweet and intimate?
Although the anklet is fashionable and good-looking, you should pay attention to some small problems when wearing it, so as to make it better!
1. Anklets are made of various materials, including platinum, diamond, ceramics, cloisonne, alloy, etc. you can choose suitable Anklets according to the occasion, matching clothes and shoes.
2. The anklet can be worn on both left and right feet. It should be noted that it should not be worn too tightly, otherwise it will give people a feeling of being bound by ropes. It will not only lose elegance, but also feel uncomfortable when walking.
3. The overall size of the anklet should be appropriate to the size of the ankle. For example, people with large ankles should not wear too large ankles, which will produce a disharmonious appearance.
4. Anklets are generally used in informal occasions. You can wear them when you go shopping or go on vacation, but don't wear them willfully on serious occasions.