Are anklets still popular today?


Are anklets still popular today?

  • are anklets still popular today?

  • When should I wear Anklets?

  • Which ankle should the anklet be worn on?

  • Best Anklet style now



Anklets are bracelets you wear around your ankles. This is why they are sometimes referred to as Anklets. Anklets come in a variety of styles, from simple and exquisite to bold and gorgeous. They look great with cropped jeans and pants, as well as dresses, skirts and shorts. Whether you wear high heels or flat shoes, anklets can always take your dress to a new level. They are beautiful little accessories, although subtle, but once you notice it, it will be very sexy. Some people even say that when you put on your anklets, your every step will repel negative energy and bring a positive impact on everyone around you.

Like everything in fashion, trends come and go. You may want to know whether foot chains are still popular today. It may be difficult to constantly understand what fashion is and what isn't, but don't worry, we're ready to help you!

So, are anklets still popular today?

Short answer: Yes, anklets are still popular today.

When you think of anklets, you usually think of 1990s first, when they were a big event. In 1990s, there were necklaces, blouses, slim sunglasses, thick soled shoes, knee high boots, satin, mesh, kitten heels, cat's Eye Sunglasses, waist bags, fishing net ties, high waist pants, hair bands and lists... And all these came back at some time in the past few years. As an exquisite accessory with countless styles and designs, foot chains can not be a huge fashion mistake even if they are not regarded as a trend. The rule of thumb is: if it looks good and you can pull it down, go on! In addition, it's cool to look unique and stand out now, so it's not so important to keep up with changing trends.

When should I wear Anklets?

Anklets should be worn whenever and wherever. Of course, you should choose its style according to the occasion and dress. For example, if the occasion is festive and you are wearing a dress and high heels, choose a shin chain. If this is a casual summer, you wear 9-point jeans or skirt, choose simple chain Anklets or beaded Anklets to supplement your appearance.

Also, make sure to wear ankles only on bare ankles, not socks or tights (in some cases, they can be worn on stockings). Again, if the combination looks good, nothing can stop you from wearing it. Confidence is the key!

Which ankle should the anklet be worn on?

Anklets can be worn on ankles or both ankles. In some cases, you can create an extremely luxurious look by wearing ankles on your ankles (see our 2-row Crystal Tennis Anklets). However, in most cases, it is better to wear Anklets on only one ankle. It doesn't matter whether it's on the right ankle or the left ankle.

Best Anklet style now

If you are sure that the anklet is worth buying now, that's great. You're right. The only thing you need to know is the style of anklets you want.

As we see in many trends, they come and go. Of course you can choose fashionable Anklets. They look good and make you look like someone who knows their fashion. However, if you want to wear the anklet safely, the simple, exquisite and eternal Anklet may be the best start.